Universal Tooling Receiver

Shown with Adapter

Universal Tooling Receiver

Features & Benefits

  • Utilizes anti-rotational (square design) tooling receivers and adapters which also provides generous clearance for quick tooling changeover.
  • Incorporates the FLEX Cam Lock, which is a rugged cam operated lever used as the primary lock for the tooling adapter.
  • Includes an automatic detent latch which provides double the protection for securing the tooling adapter in place.
  • Provides automatic connection of electrical for part detection and pneumatic for clamping,if required.
  • Receiver/Adapter interface offers mechanical coding which insures proper tool placement in the correct receiver.
  • Incorporates light weight components to improve transfer performance.
  • Easier changeover, handling and storage of fingers.
  • Hard Coated aluminum reduces wear & nicking.
  • Compact design makes mounting easy.
  • More economical than permanently mounted dedicated rail systems.
  • Compatible with 1-1/4” & 1” diameter tooling fingers.
  • Universal Tooling Receiver is a patented design, #6,427,996.

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