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May 16, 2016

Atlas Sponsors Local Robotics Team


Atlas Technologies of Fenton, MI, sponsored the Byron High School “Robotics” Team in the 2016 Stronghold Games. With Atlas’ support, Byron students were able to design and create a robot that competed in local competitions with other schools in the area for a chance to compete at a state level.

Louis Wiegele, Human Resource Manager for Atlas states, “Atlas Technologies feels it's important to be a supportive resource that engages young engineering minds that will soon become Michigan’s future work force. Congratulations to the Byron Robotics Team for their exceptional effort and enthusiasm.”

April 8, 2016

Atlas Expands Work Force

Fenton, MI – Atlas Technologies, LLC announces the return of Mr. Ron Demonet to fill the position of Sales Account Manager for the South East Region of the US. Mr. Demonet has in excess of 25 years of experience in selling Atlas products and services to Automotive, Appliance, and HVAC customers.  Mr. Demonet resides in Greenville, South Carolina.

Mr. Demonet served in the Armed Forces and has a Civil Engineering Degree from Georgia Tech. Ron first joined Atlas in 1987.  In 2013, Ron founded and still operates a Non-Profit organization, Veteran Scholarships Forever, which is dedicated to helping Military Veterans transition back to civilian life quickly and successfully through vocational training via state community and technical colleges.

Atlas is excited about our recent addition.  “Our company continues to grow and invest in our employees and new talent.  The skill level of all of our employees is just amazing” says Louie Wiegele, Directory of Human Resources.

Current Team of Atlas Directors:
Bill Rogner – General Manager
Kim Nation – VP of Finance
Dave Thomas – Director of Operations
Kevin Huige – Director of Engineering
Louie Wiegele – Director of Purchasing, HR & Spare Parts

March 16, 2016

Atlas Technologies Announces 3D Printing Capabilities

Fenton, Michigan - March 16, 2016 -

Atlas Technologies, LLC, (Fenton, Michigan) announces the introduction of the Triple Extrusion 3D Printer to our long list of design capabilities.

Kevin Huige, Director of Engineering, for Atlas explains in more detail.

"Atlas is successfully utilizing 3D Printing to evaluate project concepts, improving decisions early in product development.  As the design process moves forward, technical decisions are iteratively tested at every step to guide decisions, both big and small, to achieve improved performance, lower manufacturing costs, delivering higher quality and more successful product introductions."

Utilizing 3D Printers will allow your ideas to become a reality in no time.  The possibilities are limitless!  Please contact Atlas today and speak with one of our applications engineers to find out how the Triple Extrusion 3D Printer can help with your design needs.

January 26, 2015

Atlas Technologies Introduces MULTI-VAC Material Handling System

Fenton, Michigan – January 26, 2015 –

Atlas Technologies, LLC, (Fenton, Michigan) announces the introduction of the MULTI-VAC material handling system.  Atlas developed this product at its main facility in Fenton and has applied for patent protection covering its unique design features.

Bill Rogner, Director of Sales and Applications, for Atlas explains in more detail.

“Our customers are requesting new or reconditioned blank processing cells that are capable to process Steel and Aluminum blanks at high speeds with flexibility and precision.  Atlas developed the MULTI-VAC to meet these request with a product and technology that is locally developed, locally manufactured, and locally serviced.  Our unique design approach gives us a product that can be offered at competitive pricing and performance”.

Please see the PRODUCTS tab on our website or contact Atlas today and speak with one of our applications engineers to find out how the MULTI-VAC can help your material handling needs.




March 18, 2014


MARCH 18, 2014
Atlas Technologies, Fenton, Michigan announced today a dramatic innovation in its line of pressroom products. The new GEN II FLEX OILER oil application unit is extremely precise and repeatable. This new system does not use air atomizing technology and puts the oil on the sheet, not in the air. Our testing indicates that secondary mist collection is not required in most applications. This benefit keeps the press area cleaner and safer.

Our press room customers are now able to “dial in” their application rate over a broad range using the same fluid pressure, nozzle spacing, and orifice size. The GEN II FLEX OILER contains the following standard features:
• Sheet metal enclosure with floor mounts.
• Carrying conveyor to support blanks through the oiler. The carrying conveyor is equipped with crown rollers for minimum blank contact.
• One heated tank section to control the temperature and viscosity of the application fluid.
• PLC based controls with operator interface screen.
• Bottom and Top fluid application over the entire blank.
• Application rates from .5G/M2 to 2.5G/M2 with line speeds from 30.5 M/Min. to 106.7 M/Min.
• Fluid filters and pumping unit.
• Available in widths from 2M to 4.5M.

Optional Features include:
• Use of water soluble synthetic lubricants. Atlas to review and test certain fluids
• Roll out floor drive
• Stainless steel construction
• Check pattern oiling, top and bottom.
• Stripe oiling top and bottom.

Custom Units Available:
• Greater or Lesser application rates than those listed above.
• Wider or more narrow units than those listed above.
• Greater or lesser line speeds that those listed above.

Most of our application data to date indicate that the use of the GEN II FLEX OILER will save money spent on fluid, Aspiration maintenance, and housekeeping. High volume stampers can experience pay back within one year.

Contact Atlas today and speak with one of our applications engineers about your situation and if it will warrant further investigation into the exciting performance of the GEN II FLEX OILER.

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