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Die Storage & Retrieval System

Atlas’ Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS) are the perfect solution for many stamping operations where growth has exceeded pressroom floor space. Our Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems are fully programmable methods of efficiently storing and handling dies,  parts, coils and other items.  Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems utilize otherwise unused vertical space to alleviate the need to invest in plant expansion or additional capital equipment. AS/RS offers the benefit of increasing press uptime by slashing die change times by as much as two-thirds.


Automatic Die Storage & Retrieval Systems (AS/RS)

Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems can be used in many applications to help alleviate the problems associated with growth. To gain needed capacity and efficiency many plants are exploring options other than increasing plant size. Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems provide space and storage while helping to increase press use, providing expanded production capabilities without investing in additional presses and peripheral automation.  The systems accomplishes this by vertically stacking dies, parts or coils in storage bays while maintaining fast and controlled access to them. Average time of retrieval with an Atlas system is less than 5 minutes and may be accomplished while the press is in operation.

Fully automatic die retrieval with the elevating cart is accomplished with a touch screen user interface. Stored items are fully accounted for with die or part tracking controls. All retrieved items are presented to a common location at the desired time and may be pre-staged on die tables for pick-up via fork truck, crane or die cart. The automatic retrieval system is fully guarded which controls access to the system and protects plant personnel from potential injury.

Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems are fully customizable in that storage bays may vary in size by vertical row. Systems may range in size from 10 bays up to 1000 bays and may be installed in phases to accommodate future needs.

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