Fenton, MI - Atlas Technologies announced today the completion of an extensive Mold & Die Storage System for a Northwest U.S. based major Aerospace manufacturer. Atlas has been an automation partner with this manufacturer for the past five years providing quality capital equipment. The project installation was finalized the beginning of August 2017.

The unique storage racking system is engineered to customer specifications to assist with their increasing production demands moving into the future. The system will function in coordination with their current mold & die methods and equipment.  The storage system is also configured specifically to conform to the existing floor plan in the manufacturer’s facility.  Atlas Technologies designed the storage system to accommodate a maximum die and mold weight capacity up to 66,000 lbs., with varying weight restrictions among the numerous racking tiers.

Atlas Technologies has been an established producer of Automated Solutions for the past 50 years. We are known for our robust innovative designs and equipment that service numerous industries.  Our consistent and reliable quality products are the key to our long successful history of servicing our customers repeatedly.
“Atlas Technologies is extremely proud and excited that this major Aerospace manufacturer has chosen our Die Racking & Storage design for their storage needs. We appreciate their confidence in Atlas’s ability to  provide this system as demonstrated through the original order award. Atlas looks forward to exceeding our customers’ expectation when it comes to design, quality and performance.”
Andy Basgall – Atlas Technologies - General Manager

Atlas Technologies Management Team:
Andrew Basgall – General Manager
Kim Nation – VP of Finance
Bill Rogner – Sales & Applications Consultant
Dave Thomas – Director of Project Management
Louie Wiegele – Director of Purchasing & Human Resources
Randy Austin – Director of Applications
Robert Bloomfield – Director of Manufacturing
Pat Schwartz – Director of Engineering