Press Release:  July 2020

Atlas Technologies, a division of Stonebridge Technical Enterprises, Ltd. announced today it has been awarded an order for a 60 Metric ton capacity, trackless transport cart.  This will be the fourth cart of this nature that we have provided to Automotive OEMs.   This cart design is used to move heavy sheet metal dies and plastic molds to and from areas inside the plant where the tools are stored, repaired, or put into production.  These carts reduce the need for overhead cranes, particularly long travels through congested areas in the plant.

“These carts utilize coordinated steering and drive speed algorithms that minimize drag and optimize drive efficiency,” states Dave Hense, President of Atlas.  “The wheel drive and steering systems are all electric and are powered using available 48 Volt Batteries.  There are several steering modes which gives these carts an amazing agility, considering the size of the payload.  Articulated steering provides tight turn radii to navigating plant aisles and intersections.  In one mode, the cart and payload can pivot about its own center making the cart versatile in the most demanding conditions.”

The cart has 8 load bearing wheels that spread the floor loads over a large area.  The wheels are mounted to pivot joints that allow the wheels to follow the contour of the floor to eliminate uneven wheel loading.  A remote battery charger are provided and an on board battery management system alerts the user when the batteries need a charge.

Atlas has engaged in the design and manufacturing of specialized products that have service Manufacturing for in excess of 50 years.