Press Release:  February 2021

Atlas Technologies, a division of Stonebridge Technical Enterprises, Ltd. announced today it has been awarded a project from a Major North American Automobile Manufacture to upgrade a blanking line in one of its North American Plants.

“The upgrade order contains a high speed dual station overhead belt style blank stacker, new pallet and stack handling equipment, and new stacker controls.  Proven Atlas product designs will be used to complete this order,” stated David Hense, President of Atlas Technologies.  “This order, along with others we have received recently, assures a healthy level of business for Atlas.”

“Integration is the key to a successful launch of this project.” explains Bill Rogner, Sales and Applications consultant for Atlas.  “We are required to interlock with existing equipment and the line supervisor control system.  Our Sister company, Stonebridge Technical Services will play an important role in strengthening our Controls Engineering expertise for this project.”

Atlas has engaged in the design and manufacturing of specialized products that have service Manufacturing for in excess of 50 years.