Atlas Technologies, a division of Stonebridge Technical Enterprises, Ltd. announced today it has been awarded an order for an 80 US ton capacity, track mounted transport cart.  This Order from a Major Automotive OEM is one of many track mounted cart that have been provided to automotive customers.  This order is unique in that the cart employs a power system that provides significant operational advantages.

“During our 50+ years of providing high load rated transport carts, we found that customers wanted to avoid power being routed across or under the floor”, explains Bill Rogner with Atlas’s applications Dept.  “We first addressed this concern by offering and providing battery powered carts.  These carts eliminated the exposed floor routing of the power lines.  We also learned over time, that some customers had difficulty in establishing battery maintenance and charging procedures.  This latest order contains Atlas Third Generation of Track Mounted Cart design utilizing an Inductive Power System.”

The inductive power system utilizes a main panel that is located near the tracks.  This Panel converts 480VAC to 600VDC PWM current.  The current flows through conductors that are installed beneath the surface of the floor when the tracks are installed.  The conductors are not exposed when the installation is complete.  “Pickup(s)” are mounted to the underside of the cart.  The Pickups draw power from the in-floor conductors and provide power to the cart mounted panel and floor drive.

Benefits of using Inductive power on Transport carts include:

  1. Eliminates Power cables in Troughs, Cable Reels, or Catrack.
  2. Eliminates the need for battery maintenance
  3. Eliminates the need for battery charging completely
  4. Eliminates the need to dispose of Lead Acid or other batteries.

Atlas Technologies has engaged in the design and manufacturing of specialized products that have served Manufacturing for in excess of 50 years.